How bitcoin dice games work

Bitcoin dice games are growing in popularity. The idea of gambling online has always been attractive to game players and thrill-seekers alike. Being able to play from the comfort and security of your own home gives online gamblers a chance to test their skills with little risk. The use of Bitcoin allows for a faster, real-time experience than most other traditionally funded sites. Games of chance, especially dice games, are being played constantly. Bitcoin online gambling has led to the birth of separate virtual dice games. These games consist of the user choosing a number and wagering against the house. These dice games have become the most heavily wagered upon games in the Bitcoin gambling realm. Today, companies that run these types of Dice games possess top of the line, online gaming technology that benefits both the house and the player. These sites, known for fast, fair play and quick cashouts, account for a very large percentage of the total online gambling dollar.

In the web-based Bitcoin dice games, the players can play against one another on an international scale. In addition, players of this sort of game may also compete against the house. The house is run by “provable fairness” which basically means that there is a verifiable percentage of the time where the house wins the rolls, as opposed to when the player wins the roles. Most of these dice sites operate at a 1% to 2% advantage to the house. This extremely low house edge is another reason for its growing popularity. Many sites offer affiliate bonus’ as well. Anyone that you refer to the game is considered an affiliate of yours. You make money off of that affiliate. The earnings of each affiliate are tracked in real-time. As they gamble and make money, so do you. These dice games are planned around Bitcoin addresses and transaction IDs.

The rules are simple enough to understand and the games track your results for you, giving you percentages to work from. Most sites allow you to place chain bets at will when using Bitcoin as your currency of choice. The use of Bitcoin simply speeds up the entire process. Because the currency is self-contained and is not transferred through any middle man or agency, the movement of the funds is instantaneous. The user can set up their account, collect their winnings and cash them out through their Bitcoin wallet and a selected exchange.

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