The future of bitcoin gambling

Bitcoin gambling is the newest and fastest way to efficiently gamble and get paid that is available on the internet today. All of the advantages of Bitcoins come into play when they are used for gambling on the web. Bitcoins are portable, as they are kept in a Bitcoin wallet and can be easily accessed and used for transactions. Bitcoins are processed quickly, as there is regularly no middle man to deal with that is exacting a fee and holding up the transaction. Bitcoins are non-refundable, so the winners get to take home their winnings without waiting to see if some sore loser is going to file a grievance, complaint or formal protest and demand their money back. Accounts don’t get locked up or frozen while beaurocrats endlessly debate who should get a refund and who should not. The advantages of Bitcoins are tailor-made for online casino betting, blackjack, dice and poker. These games of chance have a provably fair caveat that they operate under when dealing with Bitcoin gambling, which is a verifiable method of proving that the games were only slightly slanted in favor of the house, and not manipulated in a corrupt manner to advance a criminal agenda. With all of these positives stacked up in favor of the growth of Bitcoin gambling, and the history of intense expansion that has actually taken place over the last few years, it is safe to day that the future of online Bitcoin gambling is assured.

There are some obstacles that will play out in the near future, regarding the governments of Tokyo, China and the United States to name a few, that will have some effect on this field. The definition of the Bitcoin as a currency, a product or something else will begin to determine the paths that these governments will take in the years to come. In Tokyo, the government has proclaimed that the Bitcoin is not an officially recognized currency, as it is not backed by any national means or regulated by any national governing body. In China, the government has outlawed the practice of banks investing their legal national currency in the Bitcoin economy, due to its unstable nature.   The United States is the most predictable of all of the governments taking an active role in defining Bitcoin. The government of the US is looking for more tax dollars anywhere they can find them. The immense popularity of online gaming, and the millions of dollars changing hands while players are participating in it, has led that government to start looking for ways to tax not only the winnings that take place, but also the transactions. This will go a long way toward determining the obstacles that Bitcoin online gambling will face, but none of this will stop it from unprecedented growth.

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